7 Tips for Staying Sober on St. Patrick's Day

7 Tips for Staying Sober on St. Patrick’s Day

By Jennifer McDougall

St. Patrick’s day is when many people gather at pubs and drink green beer and snack on loaded potato skins. Those who don’t drink this holiday may feel a bit frustrating as we don’t see the fun and excitement in getting drunk or high. Instead, we are looking for ways to stay healthy, sober, and on the path to a bright future. While we are focused on keeping the momentum in our sobriety, it’s essential to surround ourselves with people who support our lifestyle and be around others who are aligned with our vision.

Here at Passages, we want you to have a fun-filled St. Patricks Day while remaining sober and true to yourself. So today, these seven helpful tips will be your best friend as you navigate this unique holiday.

  1. Say “no” to any plans or gatherings that you know immediately will tempt you to stray off track, such as situations involving drugs and alcohol. Spend this day around people who support your sobriety, and if you can’t think of anyone who will do that, don’t turn down the option to spend the day/night alone. It’s better to be alone than to be surrounded by negative influences, which could potentially lead you to make poor choices.
  2. Find other ways to celebrate without alcohol, such as making four-leaf clover pancakes for breakfast, listening to Irish Folk music, slow roasting corned beef and vegetables for a traditional Irish dinner or wear green and attend the local parade.
  3. Bring Alcohol-Free beverage options with you if you choose to go to a party.
  4. Stick close to other people who are sober. 
  5. Remind yourself how far you’ve come in your journey of sobriety. Remind yourself how hard you’ve worked to get this far and do not lose focus on the bright future ahead of you if you stay on this path or clean and healthy living.
  6. When/if you feel triggered, resort to your backup plan in coping with any craving or urge to drink alcohol or use drugs. Breakout your sobriety tool kit which should include, slowing down to take three deep breaths, dabbing a little lavender on or spritzing it on your face (go to the restroom to do this as other people don’t usually appreciate being blasted with essential oil spray), go to a quiet space to stretch and meditate for 5-10 minutes, text a friend, or say your goodbyes and go home.
  7. Reward yourself the next day, hangover-free with a sweet treat or new piece of clothing because having something to look forward to is always exciting!

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