How to Find a Job After Addiction Rehab

If you are recently out of rehab or newly sober, re-entering the workforce can be refreshing and a steady, grounding return to normalcy.  However, it can present specific stressors or challenges. Nevertheless, maintaining a steady job can be a very positive thing. It can influence the long-term success of your recovery by giving your life structure and a higher purpose and occupying your time with truly productive and rewarding activities.

If you have been out of the workforce for a while due to addiction or being in recovery, it can be challenging to find a job or transition back into work. If it takes a bit to get hired at a new place, do not take it personally or interpret it as a consequence of your addiction.  Understandably, you may be worried that potential employers may discriminate against you due to your history of substance abuse.

However, this is very rarely the case.

Here are several tips for getting a job after rehab.

• Reach out to your network and express interest in finding employment

• Create an eye-catching resume

• Use SkillShare and Coursera to expand your skillset in your desired field

• Focus on your sobriety and prioritize your wellness, so you stay vigilant

• Create a professional LinkedIn account and connect with likeminded people

• Apply to jobs on ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn, and Indeed

• Start a passion project that you can post about on social media to show your skills and interest. This is also a great way to create a side business until you get on your feet and provide supplement income.

How can you be successful in your new job?

• Maintaining a professional appearance. Dress correctly for your profession and keep your hair well-trimmed.
• Learning about your coworkers. Taking an interest in your new coworkers makes a beautiful first impression.
• Offering your assistance with projects. Again, this demonstrates initiative, which your superiors will undoubtedly notice.
• Attending company functions. Being a member of the team both on and off the clock demonstrates that you are a dedicated and involved employee.
• Maintaining your healing. Take care of yourself by attending therapy sessions and support group meetings regularly.

You should be proud of your sobriety. However, your past should not limit you or make you self-conscious.  If you feel stressed about getting back into the workforce after attaining sobriety, talk to your therapist, use your skills to cope with stress, such as yoga or meditation, and most importantly, be positive.  At Passages Malibu, our continuing care coordinators devote their time to helping your transition back into the real world and the workforce post-treatment.

Non-12-Step Addiction Rehab at Passages

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