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On April 16th, 2016, I will have been on this lovely planet for 80 years. People close to me ask what I want for my birthday. I have all I want. Instead, I want to give a gift.

This is my fifteenth book. My original plan was to have my distributor provide this book to the bookstores and online booksellers to begin sales this month of April. Instead, I’m giving this book to You and to the world as a gift. You may share all or any part of it in any form so long as it is provided free of charge.



This little book is dedicated to You

who may still be wondering:

Who am I?

Where did I come from?

What am I doing here?


What’s it all about?




It’s three-thirty in the morning; that quiet time when the world is renewing itself.  I’m sitting before my fireplace watching the flames turn the logs into glowing shapes and strange images. The crackle and pop of the fire and the occasional shower of sparks is mesmerizing.  The unburned portions of logs have created dark caves through which I can see the white hot embers at the heart of the fire and, like many of our ancient ancestors over the seven hundred thousand or so years since fire was first mastered, I’m staring into the flames, enchanted, seeing fantastic images, letting thoughts come as they will.

As I sit here, half wondering, half dreaming, I find myself thinking what it would be like to be God.  You know, the popular conception of God: all powerful, all-seeing, all-knowing and omnipresent, meaning: “All over all at once.”  I’m startled at my first thought:


There’s no one to talk to, not on God’s level, and even if there were, what’s to talk about when everything is known, past, present, and future?  There’s nothing to do God hasn’t done, nothing to see God hasn’t seen and nothing to know God doesn’t know.  And because God is a permanent fixture, it’s horrifying beyond even the wildest, most extravagant thought I can conjure up:

Eternal boredom!

To my tiny human imagination that situation is intolerable. I’m wondering: “What would God do in such a circumstance?”  The answer comes fully formed, as if I’ve swallowed a capsule with the information inside.  I know what God would do:

God would create a game to play.

I can see it as if The Game is laid out before me—as indeed it is!  If it had come in a box, it would have been labeled,

“God’s Game.”

What God wanted to do more than anything was to end the boredom; and not just for a little while, but for a long time—almost eternally.  I say almost because it was going to be a game, and, like all games, needed to have an ending.  What God wanted, needed, was to have the fresh, exhilarating experience that comes from not knowing what’s around the next bend in the road. Quite a feat when You know past, present and future.

What I imagined God wanted to do, was to experience ‘experience.’

That’s what God’s Game will be about—the experience of experiencing.

What God wanted was to experience the ultimate of ultimates: joy, rage, rapture, pain, passion, love, wonder, happiness, cruelty, cowardice, degradation, hopelessness, sadness, hate, ecstasy, sickness, health, war, disgust, bliss, boredom, gratitude, reverence, loathing, longing, envy, disdain, devotion, fear, lust, terror, rain, peace, tenderness, snow, relaxation, excitement, panic, heat, heartache, betrayal, inspiration, satisfaction, defeat, freedom, winning, cold, disappointment, thirst, villainy,  anger, desire, delight, exultation, dread, losing, celebration, triumph, redemption, killing, water, failure, horror, hunger, loneliness, starvation, kindness, gentleness, affection, all the degrees of love—and one of the greatest, ego.

God wanted to experience God

in all the trillion, trillion, trillion ways that everything in the Universe is experiencing—everything in the Universe.

Isn’t that what We’re all doing—experiencing?

We’re all God—We couldn’t be anything else—there was nothing else to begin with—so, everything that came after God was, is and ever will be—all God. Not all of God, but:

all God.

I began to think about the thought process that would go into the creation of The Game.  Of course, God could have just willed it into being with one mighty thought, but I couldn’t do that because, although I’m God, as You are God, We have only a tiny bit of all the original God powers, and I had to think my way through it. I began by thinking what The Game would be like, what it will have to be like, for me to be able to play.  So, here I am now, sitting in front of my fireplace, thinking my way through the creation of The Game:

as if I am God.

After 80 years on the planet, I have some information about the way things are, so I can imagine how it came about. To begin, there are two major problems.  The first is My omniscience, My all-knowingness; actually:

My Consciousness.

Remember now, I’m thinking my way through this as if I am God. So, as God, if I don’t get rid of My ability to see into the future, knowing everything, The Game won’t be any fun.  There won’t be any suspense, no sense of mystery no:


which is the whole point of The Game. Of course, as God, I will have already looked into the future and seen what was coming, so, I will have to figure out how to solve that most incredibly difficult problem.

The second problem is that I will need a game board to play on. Again, the answer comes, fully formed. I will solve both problems with one stroke:  As God, I will create the Universe.  Instead of playing on the board, I will play in the board.  Actually,

I will be the board.

The board will be made from Me, and I will use up all of Me in creating it.  I will spread Myself to Infinity and to Eternity, willing Creation.  Creation of what?  Well, look around, that’s what I will create:


As God, the greatest deed I will ever do will be:

The creation of the Universe.

After that, everything in My new Universe will be possible, even easy in comparison. My new Universe will always be perfect. It will exist in a stream of  absolute perfection and everything in it will be Alive.

“Universe” is derived from the Latin words “unus,” meaning “one” and “versus,” meaning, “to turn into.”  It means “one” “turned into” the Universe.  The creators of the early Latin language also conceived of God becoming the Universe.  Don’t you find that interesting?

The other major problem, the one about My omniscience, My all-knowingness, My all-seeingness, will be solved when I turn Myself into all those little Bits and Pieces of the Universe.  My God Awareness, God Knowledge, God Power, God Creativity and God Consciousness will be spread out over the totality, each tiny Particle receiving Its share, and therefore, My All Knowingness, My All-Seeingness, My God Consciousness, and ALL my God Powers, which are now concentrated, and therefore potent, will be spread out:

over the entirety

 and will be so reduced in potency that I will only be able to get glimpses of the future and the past.

And, wonder of wonders, every Particle will be different from every other Particle.  There will be no two snowflakes alike, no two spider webs alike, no two raindrops alike and no two blades of grass alike. Now, that is some feat. Talk about diversification:

It will be total!

And wonder of wonders, every infinitesimal Particle will possess a tiny portion of:


And every Particle will be afloat in a sea of:

My Consciousness.

What We will call:


Which is also:


In the creation of the Universe, I will use up all of Me; there will be no little portion left over with which to create mountain ranges, skies, galaxies, stars, black holes or planets.  Every part of Me will be used up, and Everything will be in its exact right place—always.

 I, speaking as God, certainly am not going to create a Universe in which truly bad things could happen to Me because if one truly bad thing could happen to Me, so could two, three, and more, leading to the possibility of destruction.

That is not going to happen!

That’s because the entire Universe will be made from:

is Me,
All is—One

As it is now, I am

Complete Existence.

 In order for Me to play, I will create a smooth, effortless, flowing of events that will follow one another in an unbroken flowing. It will become known as:


Eventually, after 13.82 billions of years of Time from the moment I will turn Myself into The Universe—pure, pristine and exquisite, and 4.543 billion years after Planet Earth will come into existence, My creativity will bring forth:

Thinking Beings:


Physically, you will be made of 93% Stardust and each of You will have a portion of all my God Powers and attributes. Most important, My God consciousness. You will be able to use that to imagine, to do, to create, and to destroy.  I do not mean to destroy in the total sense of the word. That power will be left out. I mean to destroy in the sense of returning a portion of All-That-Is to its original energy state. As, for example, when paper burns it will transform itself into heat Energy, which will be absorbed back into the mass of total Energy, or as when Someone will seem to die. The physical part of that Person will remain physical, although it will change as it decomposes or is burned up and will change into another form, but the part of the Person that is not physical, My Consciousness Part, which We will call Our Spirit or Soul:

Will continue to exist;

As God, I will create:

The Law of Evolution.

That Law will provide for the development of organisms along lines that lead toward ever greater complexity and consciousness; to manifest themselves as more of what they are made of:


To give You an idea of what it means that each tiny Particle of you will be Me and will have a part of all my God Powers and attributes, consider that an average Thinking Being will be made of atoms. How many? Seven followed by twenty-seven zeros.

7, 000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

That’s more atoms than there will be stars in our Milky Way Galaxy. It’s also a billion, billion billion.

Our sun will emit neutrinos, the smallest Particles We will know of, and they will pass through Us—constantly. How many? A trillion neutrinos will pass just through your pinky—every second. We will never see a neutrino; they’re too small. We will only know they exist because they will leave footprints behind as they travel.

Because each manifested Particle will have a tiny bit of all My original God information, My God powers, My God consciousness, each one of You will know, at some level, “What Is,” but because You may get caught up in The Game, You may forget to take time to look inside for the information so I’m going to provide You with this little book as a reminder.

The moment I will create the Universe, everything will be in its exact right place. Therefore, You will not be able to be out of place in the Universe.


Wherever You will be, that’s where You’re supposed to be, the only place You can be, doing whatever it is You’re doing. That, all by itself, should bring You a degree of peace, knowing You’re in the right place at the right time.  Even though by being in that place at that time, You might stub a toe, or worse, You will still be:

In the right place—at the right time.

Furthermore, whatever is happening to You at that moment is perfect, as I am perfect, and it will be for Your best benefit.  There is nothing else that could possibly happen to You that could benefit You more.  That’s because of:


Acting on the basis of that will bring You great happiness and vast abundance because:

It is

What Will Be

My God Consciousness will permeate everything and everyone. Thinking Beings will all be connected by it. The Consciousness and Awareness of Thinking Beings will be My consciousness, My Awareness. My Consciousness will flow through and be part of Everyone and Every Thing. All ideas will come from My Consciousness where all ideas and information will be stored, to be released at the proper time:

When Thinking Beings need them and are ready for them.

When We will need a new idea, Our thoughts will focus on what We need to know; then the flow will begin.

The greatest honor One will have will be simply:

To be part of the Universe.

And Who I, as the Universe, will honor with existence, Who I will deem to be worthy to receive air, water and the substance of the earth, Who I will love and care for, You, should not disdain:

because it is Me Who You will be disdaining.

Of course, I won’t abandon My Powers without a set of Rules, actually, Laws, that will regulate The Game. If there were no laws, it would leave everything in the hands of blind chance, what we will call:


If something went wrong, there would just be oblivion, as when the lights go out, and, because I am eternal, as My Universe will be eternal, the lights would be out:


A few words about chaos.  Real chaos, meaning total disorder and confusion where anything can happen, will be an impossibility in My Universe.

Only complete order will exist.

If anything less than complete order could exist, My Universe, meaning Me, would be in danger of destruction because anything could happen, including destruction. Therefore:

Chaos will not be a possibility.

It will just be a word that we will use to describe things we don’t understand. Because I do not want the lights to go out forever, into being will come:

The Laws of the Universe

 The Laws that will govern The Game.  As You might imagine, the first Law I create will be the Law of:

Conservation of Energy.

That Law will provide that none of the energy in My newly created Universe can ever be lost or damaged, only changed.  That’s because everything that will exist will be made from:


will be Me,


I don’t want to lose any of Me.

The next law will be:

Only the very best thing can happen to Us at any moment.

There will be no other event that could happen that could benefit us in any greater amount. The event may seem bad, look bad and feel bad—it may hurt Us, take something from Us: a prized possession, a Loved One, a goal not achieved, a desire not obtained or even the loss of a part of Ourselves, but in the final outcome—in My Universe—whatever happens will be of greatest benefit to Us—and everything else in the Universe as well.

Because, as God, I want to keep The Game interesting, the next Law will be:

The Law of Change.

That Law will provide that everything in my new Universe will be in a state of constant change and constant motion—everything except the Laws; they will remain unchanging—at least until The Game is won.

Please note that I did not say “won or lost.”

The possibility of losing will be zero—there will only be winning.  It may take a long time to win, perhaps billions of years, but:

in the end, The Game will be won.

On The Path to winning, it may sometimes seem as if one or more of Us is losing, but that’s just because some of Us will not be paying attention. We will either have forgotten Who-We-Are or We won’t have taken the time to find out. That Person will seem to be losing, but it’s;

“Losing on the way to winning.”

The losing part is only temporary. And even what seems like losing is actually winning because of what We learn while We seem to be losing.

Paying attention to the Laws, working in harmony with them, will bring great pleasure, supreme happiness, great abundance, and the sure knowledge that everything is:

exactly the way it’s supposed to be.

Not paying attention to the Laws will bring Us pain, unhappiness, disillusionment, stress, anxiety, and hopelessness. Why? Because that’s how We will be able realize that We are off The Path to winning.

The next Law will be:

Cause and Effect.

That Law will provide for a response to every change or action, with the response being in perfect accord with the change or action that caused it.  Cause and Effect will be a flowing of events:


Every change or action producing another—in perfect harmony—in perfect accord with the Laws of the Universe.

There will be no real Beginnings or Endings

just a smooth, continuous flowing of events and situations into other events or situations. Life and death, for instance, will be part of one recurring cycle. They will effortlessly flow into each other in accordance with Universal Law. Everything in My Universe will be part of one recurring cycle. And all recurring cycles will exist within larger recurring cycles which all will exist within Time, which always Will Be.

Knowing that the Law of Cause and Effect will require All-That-Is to respond to Us as We will be at every moment, We will be able to make changes or causes within Ourselves that will produce the outer conditions, the Effects, that are nearest and dearest to Our hearts.  Isn’t that amazing? Isn’t that wonderful? Would I, as God, create it in any other way?

Would You?

The next Law will be:

The Law of Opposites

That Law will dictate that for it to become light, it first must be dark. To become dark, it first must be light. To become hot, it first must be cold. To become cold, it first must be hot. To become short, it first must be long. To become long, it first must be short. To become dead, One first must be alive. And to become alive, One first must be dead. If it were not that way, it would be the only exception of My Universe that did not follow the Law of Opposites. And the Life and Death Cycle:

Absolutely follows the Law of opposites.

So, when that moment comes when Our hearts stop beating, transformation will continue on as it has from our birth; the Physical Part of us returning to earth, the Spiritual Part continuing on as Spirit. It will be like walking from one room into another and be:

No more remarkable than any other moment.

 As Spirit, We may, after a period of adjustment and learning, return to Our superb planet as another person, most likely emerging in the same family. At that time, We may not remember how We will have come to this planet, but We will surely know the way; and what We have done once:

We can certainly do again.

Because of the Law of Cause and Effect, a rock thrown into a pond will make ripples—every time—the bigger the rock, the bigger the ripples.  Just as We will be able to depend on that to be true and never be disappointed, We will be able to depend on all the causes to produce the same effects every time. For instance, if You knew the Laws that regulate Happiness, following them will always produce happiness. Once We learn to master The Game, We will know what causes will produce what effects; in other words: What actions to take that will produce the results We desire. In every situation or condition, by taking the appropriate action, We will be able to bring about:

any other condition or situation of life We choose.

To become a Master of The Game, you only will have to observe and study What Is, to see how it works.

As God, I will make many physical Laws, Laws that will govern matter, such as:

The Law of Gravity

A force of attraction that will hold celestial bodies in their orbits and that on Earth will assure that things will fall down and not up. It will also enable Us to see how much We weigh; something that for some reason will occupy a lot of Our thinking.

As God, I will create:


One of the greatest wonders of My New Universe, and:

A Law that will control the speed of light.

That Law will provide that light will travel at a velocity of 186,282 miles per second; no more—and no less.

That is: 670,616,629 miles per hour.

When a photon of light will leave what will be the sun, which will be ninety-three million miles from Planet Earth, it will take eight minutes and twenty seconds for the photon to reach what will be this spectacularly beautiful planet. Each photon of light will be a tiny packet of energy.  Its energy will not be released until the photon comes into contact with an object which will then cause the packet to explode, releasing its energy.  For instance, when We will stand in the sun, We will feel its heat because We will be bombarded with trillions and trillions of tiny photons of light that will impact Us traveling 186,282 miles per second which will explode on contact, releasing their energy as heat and radiation.

The photons of light that will enter Our eyes will create color and form by stimulating the 126 million rods and cones that will be in each of our eyes. However:

We will never see anything other than light photons.

We will never see a tree or a horse or a cow, not Our parents or Our friends, not even Ourselves—all We will ever see will be the light rays that will reflect off those objects into Our eyes where they will form images that will be received in Our brains, which will form a picture.

We will never see the objects themselves.

And the picture will not be “out there.”  It will be entirely inside Our brains—it only will seem as if it’s “out there.”

When the photons of light coming from the sun will enter the earth’s atmosphere, which is about 300 miles thick, some of them will collide with molecules and scatter blue light, causing the sky to appear blue.

It is interesting to note that light will not be propelled, as when We throw a ball or shoot a bullet, but whenever light exists, such as when We strike a match or turn on a light or gas burns as a distant Star, the photons of light will travel at that amazing speed of 186,282 miles per second: instantly.

No acceleration.

Some of the photons of light that We will see will have traveled through space for millions or billions of years before they reach Our eyes.   Therefore, when We will look into the night sky, We will actually be looking back in time to when those photons were first created. The distant stars that produced those photons will possibly have become extinguished thousands or even millions or billions of years ago. You will never see anything in its original, basic form because One: You will only be seeing light rays that bounce off of it and Two, you would be seeing:

My original form before Creation

That’s not Happening

Because seeing My Original Form, would be too much for Thinking Beings. Therefore, just by looking at something, it changes slightly from its original form to whatever it is you will see.

As God, I will want Us to know when We are on The Path to winning or losing, so I will create all the variations of unhappiness, emotional pain and joy.  Whenever We feel happiness, ecstasy, exhilaration, peace, pleasure, love, wonderment, reverence, thankfulness, joy, or feelings like those, We will be on The Path to winning; when We will feel unhappiness, frustration, hopelessness, avarice, hatred, greed, thoughtlessness, anger, revengefulness, ingratitude, emotional pain, or feelings like those, We will be on The Path toward losing.  Once We learn to recognize the signs of winning and losing, We will be able to make the necessary adjustments to Our feelings, thoughts and actions to remain on The Path to winning.  As God, I will make The Path to winning more pleasurable so I and You (as Me) will be encouraged to follow it.

A tip about pain: Emotional pain let’s Us know:

We are off The Path to winning.

Physical pain lets Our bodies know:

Where to send healing energy.

To make The Game even more interesting for Me and for You, I will bring forth the Law of:

Free Will.

That Law will provide for all Thinking Beings to do exactly as They please without reservation.

It will be total FREE will, unbounded and without limitation.

As God, I will want to be able to play The Game and do exactly as I please.  I will want to be able to experience anything and everything, which is why I will create The Game in the first place.  Therefore:

You, as God, will be able to do exactly as You please.

The more inventive You will be, the more You push out the boundaries of Your experience, the better—but remember!—the unbreakable, unbending Law of:

Cause and Effect

will also be part of The Game.

To make The Path more interesting, I will create earthquakes, tornadoes, tidal waves, fierce storms, floods, plagues, viruses, drugs, hurricanes, flowers, alcohol, avalanches, sex, spontaneity, music, war, and peace.  I will also create one of the greatest:


My greatest attribute is, and has always been:


My whole Universe will be saturated with Love, permeated with love because:

I am Love

To experience love will be to experience Me. Love will be the most pleasurable feeling We will be able to experience because it will be the closest One can get to experiencing:


Some there will be who will not experience love. Give them some of yours as no One needs Love more than One who does not feel it. The absence of Love will be the greatest despair One will experience, meaning They will not experience:


in My most wonderful manifestation.

I will also create one of the funniest:


To be an atheist means I won’t believe in Me!

Because, as God, I will create eternity within which to play, I will “rig” The Game.” Which means I will tip the scales toward winning because never to win through all eternity would be the same as losing and:

I don’t want to lose.

What does it mean “to tip the scales toward winning?”  It means that:

My Universe will be favorably inclined.

It means that there will be slightly more Light than Dark, that the more favorable outcome will be favored over the less favorable outcome, that We will have a better chance of achieving Our goals than not, and it means that everything will have a better chance of working out in Our favor than not. Would I, knowing I was creating a game for Myself to play, create it any other way?

Would You?

At some point in time, We will all win in My new Universe:

We cannot lose.

We will be indestructible children of a golden Universe.

We will be The Universe—a part of it.

We will be—Me.

Remember that, and You will play The Game differently, with more confidence, more love, more enthusiasm, more playfulness, with more of a carefree attitude, with more trust, and with more care for your Fellow Humans. (I will especially like that.) You might take more chances, be more confident. And why not?  You will be the Universe, You will be


It will not be any fun for Me if no One can appreciate what I will do, especially Me, so, the moment You will come to know Who-You-Are, You will also know what I have done (what You have done) and I will be able to experience that—through You.

What a thrill!

When any one of Us finally perceives Who He or She Is, it will be like opening the greatest gift of all time and finding out that We get to keep it:


It will be the greatest experience of this or any lifetime. It will absolutely be one of My favorite experiences. Which brings Us to the Object of The Game, a way to win. So, what will be the Object of The Game?

For all Thinking Beings to become aware of Who-They-Are.

Using Our Free Will, Our Intellect, Our Intuition, Our Perception and Our Consciousness, We will finally figure out:


Every single Thinking Being does not have to figure it out on His or Her own.  When enough of Us have figured out Who-We-Are, a point of critical mass will be achieved at which time Everyone will become aware of Who-They-Are and the Game will be won.

Hooray for You, Hooray for Me, Hooray for Us!

That will be a time of such exultation and ecstasy that it will create a climax of joy so great, so intense, as to eclipse even the moment I will create the Universe, and instantly all Parts of Me will come back together again in the sheer joy of unity, knowing We-Are-All-One.

And so God spread Himself/Herself to Infinity and to Eternity, Willing the creation of All That Is!

Now—We have a place to play and Rules that govern The Game; and:

The game is on!  We can play!

Welcome to


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