Heal Anxiety Without Prescription Drugs

By Jennifer McDougall

You can feel it explode from your very core and spread through your entire body. Your heart is racing at an excessive rate and that tightness in the center of your belly sends several waves of discomfort making it hard for you to concentrate. Some people experience anxiety because of their own worries and fears. This can include a wide range of reasons, but no matter what that reasons are the truth is that anxiety is stealing your happiness and life is too short to be anything but happy!

What can you do to stop this dreadful feeling? The first thing you need to know is you don’t need prescription medicines to ease any of this tension; anxiety can be healed through natural remedies such as essential oils, breathing exercises, natural herbs, as well as many other techniques. Here are 10 ways you can naturally heal anxiety and live life more comfortable and breathe freely.

1. Meditation

2. Avoid drugs and alcohol

3. Take a break every now and then and cut yourself some slack from the overwhelming emotions of stress

4. Be sure you’re getting enough sleep

5. Limit your coffee/caffeine intake

6. Exercise for at least 30 minutes per day

7. Welcome good humor and laugh your day through the day

8. Eat well-balanced meals to maintain proper nutrition

9. Close your eyes for 10 seconds and take three deep breaths

10. Talk to a professional who can help you manage your stress and anxiety to avoid it becoming a life threatening problem

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