How to Manifest Everything You Want

How to Manifest Everything You Want

By Jennifer McDougall

Have you ever wondered how some things work out for some people, and others seem to struggle more through the obstacles in their way? Or how when you envision how you want your life to look and then look back five years later, you realize that everything you dreamed of has become a reality? This is called Manifestation—the act of envisioning what you want, speaking it into life, and allowing it to happen.

Spiritual Manifestation is the theory that you can make your dreams and desires become a reality through regular meditation and positive, constructive thought

You may think this is impossible, but it’s not. Anything you can dream of is possible. Take a minute to think about what you want, how you want your life to look, whom you want to attract, the person you want to become, and the places you want to go. There is nothing out of your reach. There is nothing you can’t accomplish. So if you want to have a successful business, live a healthy, happy, vibrant life with financial security and a thriving, stable relationship that feeds your soul– you can have it all.

How? By believing that you are worthy of it.

“People who believe they have bad luck create bad luck. Those who believe they are very fortunate, that the world is a generous place filled with trustworthy people, live in exactly that kind of world.” 
― Chris Prentiss, The Alcoholism and Addiction Cure

Many people walk around with so much self-doubt and a lack of self-esteem that they don’t believe they deserve their dreams to come true. They beat themselves up daily, keeping them in the same rut, the same routine that isn’t helping them grow and evolve into the strong, self-sufficient, prosperous, healthy person they want to be. It’s all a matter of believing in yourself.

As soon as you realize how unique, intelligent, talented, and capable you are, you will notice how everything in your life begins to blossom. The less you allow yourself to be consumed by toxic people and substances, the more space you will have for healthy and positive experiences to come about. The more confidence you have in yourself, the more power you have. Connecting with your innermost self and healing all the underlying causes of self-destructive habits and patterns will help you attract everything you want out of life.

That brings me to an essential component to all of this, staying sober from drugs and alcohol. When you use and abuse toxic substances, your mind and body become polluted, depriving you of reaching your full potential. When people are under the influence of drugs and alcohol, their decision-making is impaired, and their brains cannot function at their optimal capacity. Every choice you make creates a ripple effect on what happens next. Making intelligent, clear, and conscious choices is the best way to start and maintain momentum on living a fulfilling life that you can feel proud of.

“At the alpha level, your imagination acts powerfully on your subconscious mind, and therefore, your imaginings are powerfully effective in producing the desired result. It is believed that our subconscious mind represents nearly 90 percent of our mental capacity, which is why influencing your subconscious mind produces such powerful effects.” 
― Chris Prentiss, Be Who You Want, Have What You Want: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life

Here are five crucial things to do to help you manifest everything you want.

  1. Get clear on what you want. Write down a list of everything you want to happen in your life, everything you want.
  2. Ask God/the Universe for what you want. You can do this through prayer or visual meditation.
  3. Create a list of daily, weekly, and monthly goals. Working towards your goals will help speed up the process of co-creating with your higher power to bring forth your dreams, making them a reality.
  4. Get sober. Put an end to any drug and alcohol use. Maintain a clear and conscious mind by abstaining from any addictive substances. This is also a great opportunity to start healing any underlying conditions that have driven you to use drugs and alcohol.
  5. Increase your vibration. Fuel your body with healthy food, practice a daily workout routine, turn up the classical music, sage your home, and do things that make you happy and filled with joy- such as listening to a funny podcast or exploring outdoors, and breathing in the fresh air.

“Whatever you now do, whatever you now believe, whatever your current circumstances maybe, you are perfectly equipped and fully capable of fulfilling your needs and desires.” 
― Chris Prentiss, Be Who You Want, Have What You Want: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life

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How to Manifest Everything You Want

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