How to Prevent a Relapse

How to Prevent a Relapse

Many individuals who have sought drug and alcohol treatment, done the work, and made the change are often left wondering how to maintain it. How can you recognize when a relapse is likely? It is definitely understandable that a lifestyle change is sometimes not easy to make or maintain. Lapses (a one-time return to addictive behavior) and relapses (a return to an addictive lifestyle) can occur if proper preventative measures are not taken.

Therefore, it is important to learn about and use relapse prevention techniques. The relapse process occurs in a progression towards a return to addictive or self-destructive behavior. Along the way, there are many ways to prevent this behavior from going any further, such as developing a plan tailored to maintaining healthy new behaviors. A handy method to prevent relapse is to ask for help from a counselor or experienced peer and to use relaxation skills to reduce anxiety and cravings.

Another method is to develop alternative activities, recognize “red flags,” avoid risky situations, rehearse responses to predictably difficult events, and use stress management techniques to create options when the pressure is intense. Many individuals also find that using diet and exercise to improve mood and reduce mood swings can help prevent relapse.

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