Innovative and Different Forms of Therapy in Addiction Rehab

Numerous non-traditional, cutting-edge forms of treatments are becoming popular in rehab centers to heal dependency on drugs and alcohol. By incorporating types of one-on-one psychotherapy sessions, treatment centers ensure a more complete, well-rounded and total recovery.

Some of these “non-traditional” forms of treatment include acupuncture, physical training, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP), art therapy, etc. Many therapists and addiction professionals believe that innovative and experimental treatments offer a variety of benefits and can help clients strengthen and develop non-verbal and verbal communication, creative thinking, problem-solving, leadership, responsibility, confidence and relationship skills.

Passages Malibu offers a variety of these cutting-edge types of treatments. For example, clients regularly work out with a personal trainer and receive acupuncture sessions. Acupuncture sessions not only encourage and enhance relaxation but they actually physically relieve the body of impurities left over and lingering from years of drug and alcohol dependency. Another one of these types of therapies that have shown to be extremely effective is Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. Working with such a large animal often allows individuals to overcome fear and develop confidence, strengthening the skills needed for dealing with other intimidating and stressful day-to-day life situations.

Not only are innovative and different forms of treatment therapeutically beneficial, but they are also enjoyable and often provide individuals with a relaxing or creative outlet.

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