Is Isolation Healthy in Addiction Recovery

By Jennifer McDougall

It can be tempting for many people, especially those in recovery, to shut out the world for days at a time, but how much isolation is too much? Because of the high risk for increased loneliness during times of isolation, it is essential to point out that if you are feeling a desire to pull back from social environments and becoming disengaged in what was motivating and inspiring you before, you now need to look at WHY you want to resort to solitude.

How to know when you’ve been isolated for too long

  1. You feel unmotivated

    Shake up the energy in your home first by decluttering every room and every corner. If you’ve been at home a lot lately, chances are things have begun to pile up. That stuff you have just sitting around is collecting dust and blocking out strong energy forces that help you stay enthusiastic about life. Seeing clutter harms how we feel. Start by cleaning up. Then work on getting outside and calling a friend or friendly family member who can provide you with some good laughter and support. This may help push you to create a better routine and implement new fun activities.

  2. You are experiencing an increase in depression and anxiety.

    It’s time to get more exercise and practice meditation. After that, you will be okay, but you need to switch things up. Sometimes we keep doing something long after it is no longer working. This happens a lot to those who have used drugs and alcohol for long periods. They stop being fun and start being something dangerous and works against you in every way possible. When you’re being depressed and anxious, that’s your body telling you that something has to change.

  3. Your mind is restless at night, and you can’t fall asleep

    Get your journal and start writing down all your ideas. This is a great way to calm your racing thoughts and give you a productive outlet for plugging your emotions into something that helps you see things a little more clearly.

  4. You want to get out and do something, but you don’t know where to start

    Begin getting out and about a little bit every day. Go to the beach or a park to sit or lay outside under the sun and read a book.

The year is 2020, and many people have experienced an overwhelming sense of loneliness due to a significant shift in how we can connect from a distance. With the stay-at-home orders and quarantine scenario starting back in March, we have been glued to our phones, computers, and televisions like never before. However, it’s almost September now, and restaurants are open again; most small businesses are finding a way to continue to provide services to their customers while following strict guidelines enforced by each state.

Thankfully, Passages Malibu and Passages Ventura have remained open during these unprecedented times. We have seen an increased number of phone calls and web inquiries for treatment due to the massive hike in substance abuse-related issues this year. Passages is grateful to all of the staff who have helped keep things running smoothly and provided a substantial amount of support to one another.

Why Would Someone Want to Isolate Themselves

The pandemic. It also could be that this person recently experienced a job loss, a breakup, the death of a loved one, financial hardship, a desire for peace because everything around them feels chaotic, is physically or emotionally drained, feels down about themselves, has been deeply hurt by people in the past and prefers to keep to themselves to protect themselves from future pain.

Sometimes, isolating is a necessary reset to allow ourselves to flourish. However, it is not dangerous when appropriately managed. We have to be mindful to incorporate small blocks of time throughout the day to socialize with other people or not. It is essential to talk to other people release any thoughts, feelings, or ideas you have piling up inside your head. While it may be tempting to sit inside, work, listen to music, and enjoy time alone, it’s also critical that you exercise once a day to help maintain a healthy rhythm and flow to your sober lifestyle. One of the best feelings is that sense of accomplishment at the end of the day when you can lay your head down at night and know that you completed a difficult task and followed through on vital assignments that needed to be done.

One of the critical elements that people crave in isolation is the clarity to concentrate and direct all their focus onto a challenging goal they feel strongly about. Unfortunately, that lack of balance and accountability gets people off course in isolation. When you block people and society out of your life, you don’t allow the most important thing to happen: connection. We all need to feel connected to something, and someone who understands us, hears us and gently pushes us to do better and be better every day. By connecting to others, we can thrive more abundantly and feel loved, which is something every person on earth wants more than anything else.

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