Important Questions to Ask Before Signing Up to Rehab

Important Questions to Ask an Admissions Counselor

Your recovery from drug addiction can be the most important journey of your life. Often, people seeking out drug addiction recovery for themselves or their loved ones experience difficulty distinguishing between treatment options. However, by asking specific questions during your assessment interview, inquiry call or facility tour, you can receive a clearer picture of whether a drug addiction treatment center is right for you.

Key Questions to Ask Drug Addiction Treatment Centers

Here are a few key questions to ask as you interview with or tour at drug addiction treatment centers.

  • Do you believe drug addiction can be healed?
    Perhaps the most important question you can ask a drug addiction treatment center is whether or not they believe in healing drug addiction. While most of us wouldn’t entrust our recovery to those who do not believe in our full healing, surprisingly few drug addiction treatment centers will confirm this belief.
  • What is your maximum enrollment?
    Make sure that you ask a potential drug addiction treatment center about maximum enrollment—a good indicator of how much individual attention you will receive.
  • Do you accept insurance?
    Providing treatment for drug addiction can be costly, so be sure to ask if the drug addiction treatment center accepts medical insurance to ease the financial burden.
  • What is the recovery rate of your drug addiction treatment center?
    Make sure to ask what the recovery rates of the drug addiction treatment center are, as it is often both in general, and for the specific drug you are addicted to.
  • What is your approach to drug addiction treatment?
    The most successful drug addiction treatment approaches are holistic in nature, focusing on physical, mental, environmental, and spiritual aspects of chemical dependency. Ask if the drug addiction treatment center customizes treatment plans or simply takes a “one size fits all” approach to drug addiction treatment.
  • How many hours of individualized counseling do you provide?
    Counseling is one of the most important aspects of drug addiction recovery. While many drug addiction treatment centers offer group counseling sessions, many emotional root causes of addiction are best shared in a confidential, one-on-one setting.
  • Do you have a dedicated, medically supervised detox facility?
    Detox is the first step to drug addiction recovery. Ensure that the drug addiction treatment center offers 24-7 medical supervision. Also, ask if the medical treatment center performs diagnostic tests designed to reveal any existing chemical imbalance or malfunction in the body that may contribute to physical addiction.
  • What are the credentials of your physicians and mental health professionals?
    Any reputable drug addiction treatment center will be happy to provide credential information for its addiction recovery staff.
  • What are the addiction treatment center’s rules?
    Many drug addiction treatment centers enforce unnecessary restrictions or require demeaning chores. Ensure patients are treated with dignity, and allowed contact with loved ones and family members.

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