Maintaining Motivation During Transition

Whenever we begin journeying a positive path, we can grow weary along the way from time to time. In the days, weeks and months following alcohol or drug recovery, there might be moments where we feel our motivation waning. However, the strength, bravery and insight that helped you heal your dependency can carry you through any flashes of fatigue or self-doubt. The transition process is your gateway to self-discovery, achievement and a pleasure-filled, new life.

Maintaining Motivation During Transition

Maintain your motivation during this intermediate phase by committing to the following principles, to aid you in your transition into sober living.

  • Make Your Goals Tangible
    As you begin to transition into your daily living, set your sights high—but give your goals down-to-earth significance. Rather than setting vague goals such as “become financially successful,” ask yourself what that means to you. Do you want to increase your income by 10 percent in the next year? Buy a new home within two years? Start a specific business in a certain part of town? Ask yourself what success looks like and feels like on a tangible level. Write out, draw, or collage together a picture of your success to hang as a piece of visual motivation and outline the substeps you’ll need to accomplish in order to achieve the life you want.
  • Reinforce a Positive Self Image
    No matter how real and lasting recovery is, everyone experiences moments of negative thought—whether inwardly or foisted upon us by others. However, we have the power to filter and reject negativity and prevent its influence in our thought life. Reinforce a positive self image after recovery by focusing on who you will be rather than who you were when you were chemically dependent. Recite and write out affirmation that put you in touch with your personal power and sense of self. When you feel a negative self belief arise, quash it quickly, and replace it with a positive thought.
  • Provide Small Rewards
    Our accomplishments are worth celebrating, and the hard work and effort it took to stop dependency is certainly a cause for joy. Reward yourself for taking on life’s challenges, no matter how small, and remember to set aside time for pleasure and enjoyment. Take a hot bath, or a long stroll through nature, or plan a weekend getaway to celebrate life’s successes. Remember, you have taken time to turn the challenge of recovery into an opportunity for yourself, and with increased nurturing, you can accomplish even more in your life.
  • Surround Yourself With Positive Influences
    Positive things breed positive results. Make sure to surround yourself with people who are going somewhere and those with integrity, goals and kind, encouraging spirits. Redecorate your home to invoke harmony, peacefulness and positive energy. Create a haven for yourself, with favorite inspirational music in your car, small luxuries in your home, and dedicated time and space to bask in life’s blessings. Seek out and read inspirational stories of those who have overcome and achieved.

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