Myths About Private Inpatient Drug Rehab

If you’ve never attended a private inpatient drug rehab program before, you may worry about what the experience will be like. Due to inaccurate media portrayals, urban legends, and incorrect assumptions, some of your views on the inpatient drug rehab experience may be based more in myth than fact.

Seven Myths About Private Inpatient Drug Rehab

If you have questions or fears about private inpatient drug rehab, you’re not alone. We’ve highlighted a few of the most common myths about private inpatient drug rehab experience, along with the facts on each aspect of inpatient recovery.

  1. “Detox will be a harrowing experience.”
    It’s a common misconception that inpatient drug detox has to be filled with physical and mental anguish. While the body readjusts to sobriety, medical staff and mental health experts focus on ensuring your drug detox experience is as comfortable and safe as possible. With alternative therapies, medical supervision, carefully calibrated nutrition, and pain management efforts, withdrawal symptoms can be minimized for maximum comfort.
  2. “I’ll have to change everything about myself.”
    Private inpatient drug rehab isn’t about changing who you are, but rather about returning to your core self. The most effective private inpatient drug rehab centers focus on the individual—offering a drug addiction solution that works with your personal relationships, career, dreams, and lifestyle. The only important changes that need to take place are the elimination of your addiction and its underlying causes.
  3. “Drug rehab centers are stark, hospital-like settings.”
    Modern and luxury inpatient drug rehab centers are actually on par with the level of accommodations you’d expect at the best hotels or retreats. With swimming pools, warm interior design, and modern amenities, inpatient drug rehab centers are state-of-the-art facilities focused on serenity, health, and wellness.
  4. “I’ll be forced to stay in private inpatient drug rehab against my will.”
    Most private inpatient drug rehab centers are voluntary facilities. No one can force you to stay in treatment against your will. You can check yourself out at any time.
  5. “Just going to a private inpatient drug rehab will make you sober.”
    While it would be nice if simply checking in to a private inpatient drug rehab program were enough to accomplish sobriety, it’s simply not the case. In order to heal your drug addiction, you need two components of recovery—freeing yourself from the physical bonds of addiction through detoxification, and healing the underlying root causes for drug addiction. Medical diagnostic tests can help uncover preexisting chemical imbalances that need to be treated, and counseling can provide emotional and psychological healing for repressed trauma that may lie at the root of your addiction to drugs. However, these processes—and all forms of treatment—require your consent, participation and desire to heal.
  6. “I’ll have nothing in common with the other guests.”
    When we envision other guests in inpatient drug rehab, we may wrongly assume that they will be people we have little in common with or don’t like. However, these assumptions are based on stigmas about addiction that label and demean those struggling with dependency issues. Many of the guests at private inpatient drug rehab centers are intelligent, funny, compassionate, and accomplished people who simply struggle—as you might—with drug dependency.
  7. “I’ll never be able to stop my drug addiction.”
    Unfortunately, the myth of a lifetime of unstoppable drug addiction is one of the biggest—and most pervasive—myths about private inpatient drug rehab. Perpetuated by the addiction industry itself, this myth only serves to discourage those who desperately want an end for drug addiction, while ensuring that treatment centers do not need to offer expensive or intensive treatments for higher chances of full and lasting recovery. The truth is that your drug addiction can be stopped, by intensive and multidisciplinary therapies, targeted to you and tailored to your own personality, personal history, lifestyle and addiction. Seek out a private inpatient drug rehab center that believes in your full and total healing from drug addiction.

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