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The team at Passages wants you to know how great our program truly is. All the reviews and testimonials on this site were written by Passages alumni, who have graduated from the program. As you will see in each review, the alumni’s of Passages have had a remarkable and life changing experience. We believe in our holistic program of healing, but understand that it helps to hear it from those who have been through the program and experienced it first hand. Please take a moment to read some of our reviews and see for yourself that Passages is everything we claim to be.


World Class Experience…

at a World Class Program!

Last year, I spent 5 weeks at Passages Malibu, working on a lifetime of mental health issues which led to substance abuse. I could not have chosen a better Program to help me wrestle with my demons.

The facility and Staff are top notch; First Class all the way around! The program consisted of hours and hours of one-on-one counseling with my primary, family, spiritual and chemical dependency counselors.

Passages also provided other programs to help with my Recovery. Some of my favorites were Tai-Chi. Music and Art Therapy, and Personal Training. Added to that were additional hours in Massage, Acupuncture and Hypnotherapy. I was so grateful for the self-care part of the program, and believe my Recovery progressed rapidly due having the time to relax after so many productive and intense counseling sessions. The Passages Way works on each aspect of your mind, body and soul.

Today, I am much more involved in life than I was a year ago. While I still make mistakes and the occasional poor choice, I don’t have to live a life where I believe I’m the mistake. For that and much more, I have Passages to thank.

It really is a World Class Property. Which makes for an easier time to work on your “stuff”. I highly recommend that you give them a call before you begin your journey of discovery to the healthier you. I’m thankful I did. And, they take Insurance; BONUS!

Passages saved my life!

My experience with Passages was beyond any expectation. Yes, I was scared to call and ask for help. My family and friends were encouraging me for years to quit drinking but I didn’t know where to begin or what I needed to do. I was lost. My career was in a rut. I couldn’t save a dime. I was spending all my money on alcohol and pot. I became out of shape and undesirable. I wanted to get my life back and back get control. I wanted to make myself and my family proud of the man I was but alcohol and drugs stood in the way. I was trying to cope with so many underlying issues I wasn’t even sure what they were or how to fix them. I went to Passages for 90 days and the results have been incredible. I’m happy, healthy, and live a life I can finally be proud of. I’m thankful for the people at Passages who really helped me overcome this nearly deadly battle. I encourage anyone out there who is reading this to please pick up the phone and call them! You won’t regret it.

Cade M.

Love when I find a treatment center that actually cares about the patient first!

This place is amazing! Thank you for all you do and helping my best friend in getting back up on his feet. Super grateful… highly recommend this place to anyone and everyone looking to break free from their addiction 🙂

Passages Delivers as Promised

Passages provides excellent holistic treatment for addiction in a beautiful environment. The experience heals and nourishes the mind and soul. If you are engaged and ready to fully dive in to the experience with an open mind, you will get what you came for.

Thank You Passages

When I first reached out to Passages I was scared. I knew I needed help but I was afraid to ask for it. Once I mustarded up the courage to reach for the phone and finally call for help, I felt I great sense of relief. For about a year I watched the Passages commercial on TV and found the message to be powerful and quite intriguing. After hearing Pax’s story and how badly he struggled with addiction it gave me a lot of hope that I could pull out of this hole I dug for myself. My troubles began with alcohol, then marijuana, then cocaine. I chased a high to escape from my insecurities, anxiety, depression, and trauma. I just didn’t want to feel anything. I wanted to be happy and confident but I was destroying my life with these substances. During my 90 day stay at Passages, my entire world changed and improved. All of the therapists help bring many things to light and helped me heal my underlying conditions causing me to use and abuse drugs and alcohol. I am so thankful I reached out and committed to changing my life with the help of Passages. My family, career, and relationships are all so much more stable. The best part about being at Passages was the care and support everyone there gives you. They treated me like family. I never felt so welcomed somewhere before. Pax and Chris made regular visits and interacted with us—they treated me like a normal person, not someone with a disease or sickness like they do other places. Thank you to everyone at Passages who helped me get my life back and save me from destroying my future. I am so grateful for this, every single day.


Passages gave me the tools to help me get my life back. The day I arrived I was really nervous, I was greeted with open arms by the entire staff. I felt like I was surrounded by my family it was so strange. I arrived after dinner was prepared and I was so hungry, the staff was so thoughtful they put a plate aside for me just like my mom used to do. My days were crammed pack with little down time, evenings were extra special spending time with others around the fire pit talking and spilling our guts. I needed a place where I could get to the roots of my addiction and begin to rebuild my life and that’s exactly what I received at Passages. I found getting help is nothing to be ashamed of, it’s a reason to celebrate and something to be proud of. I have recommended Passages to many People I know so they may have the same opportunity of living a Happy and Healthy life. Thank you to everyone at Passages, the list is long and I will never forget those whom saved my life.

My Perfect Sobriety Retreat

When I first heard about Passages I was skeptical. I was not familiar with the philosophy as it is much different than other rehab facilities out there. After my first initial phone call with admissions I knew this was the start of something great. Insurance covered a large percentage of my 30 day stay. It was everything and more than what you see advertised. The grounds are immaculate, the staff is helpful and welcoming and more importantly that treatment sessions are world-class. Since graduating from Passages I have a better understanding on what was driving me to use and abuse drugs and alcohol. I now focus my time and attention on healthier alternatives to manage my stress and anxiety. I believe anyone out there who’s struggling with addiction could benefit from the treatment offered at Passages.

Since my stay 13 years ago.

I was one of the first 100 patients to walk through the doors at Passages Malibu, and receive treatment almost 13 years ago – I was but a mere 20 years old with absolutely no hope for my future. At that time in my life I couldn’t figure out which way was up, and which way was down – I had been abusing heavy drugs daily since I was 15 years old and never thought I would be able to kick the bad habits I had created for myself in that time. My biggest fear when walking into treatment was that I would be ridiculed and made to feel that I was a lost cause, and that I would always carry the stigma of “junkie” with me forever.

Before I even left for Passages, I called and left a message on their hotline asking for more information – within 10 minutes of leaving the message, to my surprise I received a return phone call from Chris Prentice himself. (during what would have been dinner time on the West Coast) I was shocked that this man, this stranger; would take anytime to reach out to me directly, let alone take the time away from dinner with his family to reach out to me so quickly. We spoke for nearly an hour, and after hanging up with him, I was booking my flight and would be arriving the next morning.

I spent 5 weeks at Passages Malibu (even spending my 21st birthday there – which the staff and my group made one of my most memorable birthdays I have ever had to this day) and was able to learn so many wonderful things that have helped me become the person I am today. Not only was I able to regain a positive outlook for my life, I realized that I wasn’t cursed, I wasn’t powerless, and I certainly wasn’t a “junkie” – I was a wonderful human being that just had many unresolved issues from my childhood and past that were causing me to want to “unplug from life” and drugs was how I personally chose to to do that unplugging.

I wish I could say that life was nothing but cupcakes and rainbows upon leaving, because it certainly wasn’t – but I have always remembered what I learned and have no question I wouldn’t be around today if it weren’t for Chris, Pax, and the rest of the staff at Passages Malibu.

Today I am a successful, happy, and extremely balanced 34 year old. I have a wonderful home, a fantastic career, and a loving family.

The treatment program offered at Passages is one of a kind, and completely life changing. I encourage anyone out there struggling with addiction to reach out to them and simply speak to someone, you will surely get the same warm feelings I got 13 years ago when I made the phone call for help, and I promise after spending time at Passages – you too will once again regain the positive outlook for a bright future.

Worlds Best Rehab Passages Malibu. Please go and discover a new you

I can’t say enough about how Passages Malibu saved my life.Mike bent over backwards fighting daily for treatment for me from my insurance. These guys saved my life. They are not just a treatment facility they are a family and you become part of that extended family once you attend. I never in my life had a chance to deal with the trauma from my childhood . I never felt like I could relax let my guard down.I could never open up. The first thing you will feel is how safe feel like living in a therapeutic cocoon.I never had that and was my first taste of that I was able to let go and let my guard down and for once in my life trust others.I can’t say that I didn’t have my own personal struggles . I did my mind was at war with my physical self ..Passages gave a road map to rediscovering myself. Accepting my faults as beautiful gifts and using them as postive assets to my life.Im ok and know I’m where I should be for right now in the universe.I rediscovered my lust for life and appeicate the small things as I did as a child that brought me so much joy and meaning to my life.Im not saying I’m not perfect or did I turn into a guy eating sprots and tofu which I tried there and was so good.I even relasped which im ok with because it was part of my journey to letting go of the pain and getting back on the right path .Ive learn to learn from my mistakes and embrace tham learn from them .the fact that I’m not perfect which is beautiful and that’s ok.. I held on to all this pain for so long that it became apart of me.I blamed everyone but myself I wrongly after my Dad passed blamed passages. That was the old me repeating a pattern blaming others for my mistakes even my drug use. I again looked for a reason to use and blame others . This time I noticed what I was doing I’ve gain the insight and tools to identify what I was doing . I was able to stop think and turn things around.Pax and Mike and all of passages thank you for such a priceless experience and a journey that awaken my soul .,You can’t put a price on peace of mind or self awareness or pulling me out of the purgatory I was living in and accepted this as my life forever.Im happy to say im on my own journey and everyday a new beautiful day filled with such beauty and joy. thank Pax and Mike for such a beauitful priceless gift .. Matt Overton ( Passages Family of 2015)

A life-changing process

If you want to change your path, go! If you want to blame others for your inability to recover, stay where you are and save yourself some money and time. Because you will look for someone to blame everywhere you go. I believe they have the best treatment possible. It was my first and I hope my only one. I got to meet one of the co-founders and he is very down to earth, accessible and supportive.

At first I was worried about the possibility of having a fun life without substances. At last I found all of the ways I could enjoy every day and be sober, thanks to Passages Ventura and its wonderful staff.

Great alternative to 12-Step programs.

I attended Passages almost five years ago and personally found the experience transformational. The staff, the program, and the setting were all very conducive to my recovery. While I don’t think anyone will have much success without the right frame mind and dedicated effort, the approach at Passages was just what I was looking for after being underwhelmed by the 12 Steps. Although I did have one brief slip shortly after leaving, I was able to right the ship quickly and have been sober over four years now. I believe my time at Passages was instrumental to my new way of living.

An Amazing Unforgettable Experience

My name is Scott Anderson, and I was a True Addict/Alcoholic in every since of the word. Before I went to passages in 2010
I had been on an All Day Bottle to Tooth Vodka habit, as well as popping copious amounts of Morphine/Vicodin & Valum & smoking Weed. All after being white knuckle sober for a year after a previous 7day detox from Alcohol & Cocain.
My girlfriend gave me the Book which I read while I was using. One night I had enuf!
I Made the call to passages and was picked up in the morning by a town car headed to Passages. That was the Best Decision I’ve Made in This Life.
What can I say?… From the moment I began treatment with a Team of Phsychologist, an Acupuncturist, massage therapist, what I called the “Resident Guru”, who I’ll never forget, that guided us daily in Meditation, Chi Gong, Tai Chi, Sound Therapy, Hikes through the canions, kayaking, surfing…
It was Just an Amazing. And we had the Best Chef! This was no Rehab! I called it “Therapy Camp”. Reason being, this place helped me work out my underline issues that drove my addictions with the help of a collaboration of therapists daily. I stayed for 90 days by choice. At the end of each month I knew I had more work to do on myself. And the work I was getting done with my therapist was so deep and going so well I also wanted to keep it going. I made lots of great friends and we all helped Each other along the way. I could go on and on. Passages Was A Truly Special And Life Changing Experience. It was hard work no doubt about it! But I put in the work that needed to be done because I truly would not be here today without my intentions and the help of every person at Passages.

According to Healthcare Global

Healthcare Global also gave us the topmost review in their feature called “Top Ten Rehab Clinics In The World” due to our innovative mode of drug and alcohol addiction treatments. Their feature recounts several facilities we provide to our members to make their journey quit drugs easier. There’s a mention of our pristine ten-acre facility and the ocean view and our leisure facilities including our gym, vast tennis courts, swimming pools and basketball courts.
Call Passages Addiction Treatment Centers today if you or a loved one is battling an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. Our admissions department is available 24/7 and can be reached directly by calling our toll-free number at (888) 397-0112. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Passages, Where Addiction Ends and Life Begins™

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