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For many years the addiction rehabilitation industry was solely based on 12 Step principles, such as group meetings, indirect healing practices, and reciting the imprisoning phrase, “Once an addict, always an addict.” That was until Passages’ opened it’s doors in 2001 and began to experience 360 degree healing from the core of each and every individual who was dedicated to breaking free from substance abuse related issues. Here are the major differences between Passages Rehab Centers and 12 Step based treatment centers.

12-step: Says that alcoholism and addiction are diseases.

Passages: Does not believe that alcoholism and addiction are diseases.

12-step: Says that the disease of drug addiction and the disease of alcohol addiction are incurable.

Passages: Says that addiction to drugs and alcohol is caused by one or more of Four Causes that can be treated and healed.

12-step: Says that in order to remain sober you must go to 12-Step meetings for the rest of your life and have a sponsor with whom you communicate regularly.

Passages: Says that every individual can remain sober without meetings and without sponsors by healing the underlying causes that keep the addiction alive and active.  

12-step: Says that you require help from a higher power to get sober.

Passages: Says that sobriety can be maintained by anyone, even those who do not believe in a higher power.

12-step: Asks you to admit that you are powerless over drugs and alcohol.

Passages: Chris and Pax Prentiss encourage you to believe that you have strength and determination to end your addiction to drugs and alcohol by finding out which of the Four Causes created your addiction and is keeping it alive and active.

12-step: To speak at an AA meeting, it is required that you identify yourself as an addict or alcoholic.

Passages: Believes that it is detrimental in the extreme to identify yourself as an addict or alcoholic.

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How to Contact Passages Addiction Treatment Centers:

Call Passages Addiction Treatment Centers today if you or a loved one is battling an addiction to drugs and alcohol. Our admissions department is available 24/7 and can be reached directly by calling our toll-free number at (888) 397-0112. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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