Pilgrimage for Recovery: Go on an Adventure!

Pilgrimage for Recovery: Go on an Adventure!

By Dr. Kerri Heath

Are you ready to be healthy?  Sick of waking up with a hangover, running out of money, and feeling the heaviness of drama that you have created while intoxicated?  If you find yourself hitting a wall, but get stuck in the cycle of substance abuse, why not try something different?  Plan a trip to another place where you can meet new people, learn about different cultures and experience new ways of thinking.

A pilgrimage is a journey that people take in search of moral or spiritual significance.  People will take these trips to explore their personal beliefs, values, and experiences that have influenced the decisions they have made.  If you are struggling with an addiction, and need to kick start your recovery process, consider a pilgrimage.

Get away as soon as you can.  The ideal situation is to go to another city.  There is a collective consciousness among humans and we can actually feel the energy of the people we are surrounded by.  Chances are that you have people in your surroundings that are harboring negative energies that affect you without you even realizing it.  Head to another city as fast as you can, and you will see what I mean.  It will feel different.

Try to identify a city that has a lot of religious institutions or shrines, where prayer and meditation take place on a regular basis.  I understand that you might not have a budget for an international excursion but if so try to find a city that is known for its spiritual pilgrimages (Camino de Santiago in Spain, Chiang Mai in Thailand, Jerusalem/Bethlehem in Israel, etc.).  These environments are prime locations for you to find relics and reminders at every turn on your path towards healing.

Even if you can only take one day, please consider starting your pilgrimage as soon as possible.  Leave your comfort zone, explore new areas, taste new foods and gain new perspectives.  If you are able to take a Pilgrimage to Passages in Malibu, you will find reminders everywhere you look that prompt you to reflect on who you are and what your purpose is.  The only requirement for a Pilgrimage is that you allow the path to unfold and remain open to the teachers you will meet along the way and the lessons you will learn. If you are not sober, you will miss the signs and the adventures… so let the high come from your adventure.

Dr. Kerri Heath is the former Assistant Vice Chancellor at Pepperdine University’s Graduate School of Education and Psychology.  She is a lecturer, researcher, and published author.  Dr. Heath is a Life Coach at Inspired Life Consulting and a Producer at Inspired Life Films.  She is certified in Mastering Emotional Connection by Level Five Executive and an editor for the Journal of Leadership Education.

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