Repairing Broken Relationships in Recovery

By Jennifer McDougall

Healing broken relationships in recovery is extremely important. Letting go of the past, asking and accepting forgiveness, being authentic in your actions, and using the tools you acquired during rehab is essential to your sobriety. Broken relationships carry a weight of regret and miscommunication. There’s a strong chance that throughout your days of substance abuse, you most likely hurt people along the way. When we use and abuse drugs and alcohol, we lose our authenticity—meaning we alter our consciousness to be less than intentional and, in many cases, hurtful to those we love and care about.

Drugs and alcohol have ruined families and relationships of all types for years. That is no secret. Many arguments and disagreements are fueled by intoxicated behavior. The result is rarely a pretty sight to see. Picking up the broken pieces from the destruction caused by carelessness is a process. To mend these broken relationships, the following tips will help you in repairing them in the days to come.

  1. Communicate with Honesty
  2. Listen to Them Carefully
  3. Acknowledge Yours Short-Comings
  4. Ask and Accept Forgiveness
  5. Keep Your Promises (Rebuild Trust)
  6. Stay Sober
  7. Be Active in the Relationship
  8. Set Realistic Expectations
  9. Focus on Those Who Support You
  10. Be Patient as the Wounds Heal

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