Special November Message From Chris Prentiss

Welcome to November! It’s a lovely, fall time of the year. Thanksgiving is Thursday the 27th (2014). Malibu’s weather is usually sunny, warm and beautiful, or it’s raining, which is also very beautiful. Rain is special, and I, for one, am always grateful for it.

Let’s make this an extra-special November. Do something extra-special for yourself. Do something extra-special for someone else.

Everyone, including yourself, needs extra special attention. I love it when I walk through our facilities and I’m greeted with warm, friendly attitudes and smiles, even handshakes or hugs. I love it when clients come to me and say, “Your staff is beyond belief good! I’ve never experienced anything like it!”

Be happy. Whether you know it or not, the Universe is unfolding exactly as it should, and it has your best interests at heart. After all, you are, “The Universe,” a part of it. The Universe always takes care of itself, and you are “itself.” You are always held in its great awareness.

In a little less than six months, I will be starting my eightieth year on the planet. I have come to understand that the way we are at every moment influences the next moment. We are, in fact, the authors of every next moment. Be a bright, shining star, and light the way for those who need your warmth and guidance. At the end of November, look back on your month and say to yourself, “I was the best I could be.” It will make you feel extra good and give you a great head start, propelling you into an extra-fabulous December. Live life large.

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