How to Adjust to New Sobriety Without the 12 Steps

Adjusting to sobriety is difficult. After being in a structured environment through rehab and returning home, some people struggle with not having someone else help them make all their decisions. Thankfully, there are many ways a person can adjust to their new sober lifestyle, so they don’t slip back into substance abuse.

Many are concerned about what they will do for hobbies while newly sober or if they will have to make all new friends and hang out in entirely new situations. Many are concerned that they will feel uncomfortable in their skin in social situations. These are very natural questions and concerns to have.

After adjusting to this new sober lifestyle, you may incorporate more spirituality into your everyday life rather than drowning it out. You may have worried about finding a suitable rehab facility that fits your needs, and we hope you found it! Now that you are in a good place, think of your new sober lifestyle as a rebirth. This means that you should embrace everything that has happened to you and find a brand new way to live life without drugs or alcohol.

Here are five things you can do to help keep you on track in your new sobriety.

  1. Engage in our Passages Alumni Facebook group.
  2. Connect with local sober friends with whom you can build new and meaningful relationships.
  3. Have fun with a new hobby, such as gardening, painting, blogging, working out, walks in the park, interior decorating, volunteering, reading, photography, vlogging, or cooking.
  4. Celebrate your health by staying active and getting outside to enjoy the fresh air.
  5. Practice healthy coping techniques so you can keep stress and triggers at bay.

At Passages, we provide aftercare planning to clients, giving you many resources to use once you are out on your own. Our therapists also offer our clients tools to lead a successful sober life and stress how important it is to have friends who support your newly sober lifestyle and are not going to pressure or encourage you to use drugs or drink. All aspects of our treatment program help clients smoothly and seamlessly adjust to their lives in the real world. In addition, we often conduct groups where the focus is on staying sober and how to achieve lasting sobriety post-rehab.

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