Equine Therapy: Animal-Assisted Therapy at Passages Malibu

Animal-assisted therapy (particularly equine-assisted psychotherapy (EAP) and canine therapy) is one of the most effective experiential therapy forms. It has proven fun, nurturing, and therapeutically beneficial for clients in inpatient drug and alcohol treatment centers. Rather than talking to a therapist, clients interact with a horse or dog in a series of exercises designed to strengthen and develop non-verbal and verbal communication, creative thinking, problem-solving, leadership, trust, responsibility, confidence, and relationship skills.

Animal-assisted therapy has been shown to help individuals with numerous issues other than just substance abuse, including eating disorders, adolescents with emotional problems, and the rehabilitation of prison inmates.  The distinctive experience of bonding with an animal offers several advantages. Working with an animal often allows individuals to guard down and reduce stress. Studies have shown that individuals have lower heart rates and stress levels than animals. 

Also, animals can mirror exactly what human body language is telling them; an individual’s reaction to the animal and the animal’s reaction highlights the behaviors, feelings, and relationships that have caused pain and fed an addiction.

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