Individualized Psychotherapy

We believe addiction is caused by various underlying and unresolved issues. Dependent individuals typically use drugs and/or alcohol as part of a coping mechanism to deal with past and/or present trauma and pain. At many 12-step rehab programs, substance abuse is treated as the primary problem. At our facilities, we believe that in order to end the cycle of dependency you must first uncover the reasons why you are choosing to numb yourself with drugs and alcohol in the first place.  This is where individualized psychotherapy becomes critical for healing.  Psychotherapy sessions offer safe space to discover the complex nature behind addictive behaviors, and allow each individual to learn how to resolve and heal each unique underlying issue.  Being unable to cope with depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, marriage, work, relationships, and the death of a loved one, financial burdens, illness, insecurity, or physical impairment are common reasons for substance abuse that psychotherapists are trained to help clients work through in their sessions.  Many 12-step treatment centers rely primarily on group therapy and usually provide no individual psychotherapy with licenced psychologists. Our individualized approach allows for each specialized licensed therapist to treat each client uniquely based on their circumstance and uncover and explore the causes of each particular addiction.

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