Characteristics of Holistic Addiction Rehab Facilities

Holistic addiction rehab facilities treat the whole person—body, mind, and soul—with a range of approaches to maximize recovery potential. Because of the proven power of holistic addiction approaches, many treatment programs have begun billing themselves as holistic addiction rehab facilities. While it is certainly encouraging to witness the trend towards holistic addiction treatment, not every rehab program that makes this claim actually follows through. Familiarizing yourself with characteristics of truly holistic addiction rehab facilities can help you select a drug or alcohol treatment program that offers the benefits—and results—of a holistic philosophy and execution.

Characteristics of Holistic Addiction Rehab Facilities

Here are just a few of the key characteristics of holistic addiction rehab facilities. If you are seeking enhanced results in drug or alcohol recovery through holistic treatment, make sure that the holistic addiction rehab facility you choose has the following important traits.

  • Multidisciplinary Approach
    Holistic addiction rehab facilities should incorporate a range of treatment approaches, considering physical, emotional and spiritual health. Since alcoholism and drug addiction are multifaceted problems, a truly holistic approach will incorporate treatment of the entire person.
  • Caring Treatment
    Holistic health care centers around kindness and dignity, recognizing the individual as the foremost expert on her or his own body. If you find that a treatment program takes a demeaning approach, it likely has not fully embraced the spirit of holistic treatment.
  • Prevention
    Holistic addiction rehab facilities will emphasize preventative medicine. By seeking ways to promote overall health and strength, holistic practitioners will focus on solutions that solve recurring problems rather than simply offering symptom management.
  • Natural Approaches
    Truly holistic addiction rehab facilities will favor natural approaches whenever possible, leveraging the body’s ability to self-heal.
  • Prioritized Health Care Planning
    Holistic addiction rehab facilities will employ physicians that consider all possible solutions in their health care plan for you. These options will then be analyzed and prioritized, allowing for lifestyle modification, alternative approaches, supplements, and prescription medications only when necessary.
  • Solid Patient Relationship
    Any rehab facility that is truly holistic in nature will partner with you for your recovery. Patient feedback will be valued and incorporated into the decision-making process, rather than summarily dismissed.
  • Individualized Care
    Each patient at a holistic addiction rehab facility will be viewed as an individual and solutions—whether for emotional, mental or physical recovery—will be custom tailored instead of generalized.

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