Contacting Loved Ones in Private Inpatient Drug Rehab

When someone you love comes to terms with a drug addiction and decides to enter inpatient drug treatment, it’s often a moment that brings incredible relief and hope. Relationships that have been damaged by a loved one’s drug addiction begin to renew, and we experience the excitement and joy of watching those we care about to embark on a journey to freedom. However, the decision to enter drug treatment is only the beginning—your loved one will benefit from your support and encouragement as they heal. Contacting loved ones in private inpatient drug rehab will help you inspire them towards healing, surround them with love, and may even reignite friendships that have been estranged in the wake of addiction.

Contacting Loved Ones in Private Inpatient Drug Rehab

During a friend’s private inpatient drug rehab experience, the most important thing you can do is reach out to them. Most of us consider contacting loved ones in private inpatient drug rehab but hesitate for fear of breaking the rules, or not knowing how to get in touch. Here are a few ways you can contact loved ones in private inpatient drug rehab and bring them healthy and encouraging interactions.

  • Send a Letter

    Letters are wonderful ways to get in touch with your loved one during their stay at private inpatient drug treatment, as they provide a gentle approach that allows the patient to get in touch on their own timetable. Letters also can be reread, bringing encouragement and delight late at night when visiting hours or phone calls may not be accepted.

  • Create a Care Package

    You’ll want to get in touch with your loved one’s relative or the treatment center itself to inquire first as to which items are encouraged and which are disallowed. Prohibited items usually include food, alcohol, or contraband of any kind, but most other items are accepted. Good care package ideas include books, magazines, crossword puzzles, journals, stuffed animals, mix CDs and photographs.

  • Pick Up the Phone

    Especially if you live at a distance from your loved one’s private inpatient drug rehab center, a phone call can help you reconnect. Do not take offense if your loved one doesn’t get back to you immediately—remember that their recovery from drug addiction is their top priority right now, and requires the bulk of their time and energy. If you do connect, ask about their experience, offer your support, and make sober plans with them for the future. Let them know how proud you are of them. Also, consider filling them in on your life, as well—many patients in private inpatient drug rehab enjoy connecting with the outside world and catching up with friends.

  • Find Out the Visiting Policy

    Contact your loved one to ask about visiting hours at the private inpatient drug rehab they’re attending. Few gifts are as valuable as your presence, and the sad truth is—few friends go out of their way to visit during tough situations. Even spending a few hours with your loved one during their stay at private inpatient drug rehab centers can make an incredible difference in their day—and their healing.

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