Discover and Heal Underlying Causes of Addiction: Step Two in Treating Addiction

by Dr. Kerri Heath

“Only when we are sick of our sickness shall we cease to be sick.”

The 71st verse of the Tao

The problems underlying dependency always have both physical and psychological components, and both have to be treated simultaneously.  At Passages Addiction Treatment Center in Malibu, it takes a carefully selected support team of physical, medical, psychological, and spiritual professionals to design a rehabilitation plan for attacking “sickness” from every angle.  This holistic approach is highly individualized to help clients redesign a better foundation for a more promising future.

The state of your body is a key factor in how you healthy you feel.  When one or more of your body’s systems become dysfunctional, you can become out of balance.  This equilibrium can lead you to medicate the unpleasant feelings with drugs, alcohol or addictive behaviors, which can then lead to dependency.

At Passages Addiction Treatment Center, a full diagnosis must be conducted in order to identify the specific reasons that a drug dependency has developed.  The dependency was created as an attempt to compensate for some area of deprivation.  The process starts by helping each client identify the sickness that is being treated by the addiction.  And it is only when we become fully aware that we are sick (in mind, body, and spirit) that we can heal the sickness.

When we are equipped with this new knowledge we can change behaviors by addressing the fundamental cause of the pain. This knowledge provides us strength in making changes and creating a better life out of well-informed choices made from a conscious place.  Ignorance of the truth only perpetuates our sickness because we are “ignoring” the pain-point. When we experience sickness in mind, body or spirit… it is because some aspect of our life is out of balance.  That toxic area of our life becomes infected and starts to spill into other areas, relationships, etc.

Once your mind and body are in a state of optimum health, you won’t feel the need to alleviate those uncomfortable feelings with addictive substances or behaviors.  As you construct your recovery program, it will help you to understand the functions of the various glands and organs that make up your body’s systems. At Passages Addiction Treatment Center in Malibu, we help you reach your peak health condition (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual).  When you reach these states of vibrational frequency that feel better, you will have created more space to dream about the future and problems that you would like to solve.

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