How Psychedelic Mushroom Addiction Works

Are Psychedelic Mushrooms Physically Addictive?

Although psychedelic mushrooms have not been found to be physically addictive, users can become psychologically dependent on psychedelic mushrooms. The mind-altering experiences that psychedelic mushrooms create can create a psychological escape from depression, boredom, stressors or emotional problems. Whether used to escape reality or augment it, ongoing use of psychedelic mushrooms can lead to a serious psychological addiction.

What Causes Psychedelic Mushroom Addiction?

Over time, tolerance, short-lived chemical imbalances, and psychological issues can all lead to psychedelic mushroom addiction. Like other hallucinogens—such as LSD, mescaline and ketamine—psychedelic mushrooms initiate and create chemical changes in specific parts of the brain that affect and control sensory perception. Psychedelic mushrooms disrupt the brain’s natural balance of the neurotrasnmitter serotonin, distorting information gathered by the five senses, as well as emotions. Tolerance to psychedelic mushrooms develops very rapidly, requiring the user to take twice as much psilocybin mushrooms if “tripping” within days of the last dose to feel adequate effects of the drug. In fact, tolerance can linger for between four and five days after the last use. While the mushroom high may not increase, the side effects will increase with the dosage taken.

Additionally, psychedelic mushrooms are often taken as an escape or coping mechanism to deal with underlying problems, such as self esteem, relationship problems, anxiety, emotional pain or depression. As the brain experiences the pleasurable feelings of psychedelic mushroom trip, it can create psychological and behavioral dependency on mushrooms.

What Are the Signs of Psychedelic Mushroom Addiction?

Preoccupied with obtaining and using psychedelic mushrooms and experiencing flashbacks or altered perceptions of reality after use are two hallmarks of psychedelic mushroom addiction. Some physical signs of psychedelic mushroom addiction include enlarged pupils, facial flushing, trembling or shaking, and lack of muscle coordination. People using psychedelic mushroom may also complain of stomach aches, nausea and dizziness. Behavioral indicators of psychedelic mushroom addiction include paranoid or psychotic behavior, unexplained fits of laughter, or long periods of staring at stationary objects.

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