Physical Effects of Psychedelic Mushrooms Abuse

What Does a Psychedelic Mushrooms High Feel Like?

A psychedelic mushroom high is a hallucination-fraught, highly emotional experience that distorts perception and reality. Psychedelic mushrooms’ effects tend to last four to six hours and are collectively referred to as a “mushroom trip” or “shrooming.” Depending on the variety of psychedelic mushrooms, hallucinations, laughing fits or strange, abstracted thoughts may also occur. Many users continue to hallucinate even with their eyes closed. Mood swings tend to occur, encompassing a range of feelings from happiness to sadness or hope to pessimism and nihilism.

What Are the Physical Effects of Psychedelic Mushrooms?

At the onset of a psychedelic mushroom trip, the first noticeable physical effects will hit roughly 20 minutes after first ingesting psilocybin mushrooms. Psychedelic mushroom users often experience cold sensation and feelings of nausea at this point. Next, colors begin to deepen or distort, and movements in the corners of the eyes (peripheral vision) may be detected.

Psychedelic mushrooms also sometimes create emotional sensitivity or anxiety. Nausea often lasts through the first hour of the psychedelic mushroom trip. For the next two to three hours, psychedelic mushroom users find themselves immersed in the drug’s peak effects. Physical signs of reaching the apex of a mushroom trip include dilated pupils, auras around objects, layered vision, changing shapes, and highly detectable patterns in stationary objects. As psychedelic mushroom users “come down,” hallucinations tend to wane and severe stomach cramps tend to set in.

Can You Overdose From Psychedelic Mushrooms?

Overdosing on psychedelic mushrooms is almost impossible—largely because a psychedelic mushroom overdose would require eating over twenty five pounds of psilocybin mushrooms to experience toxic effects. Large doses of psychedelic mushrooms, however, can produce traumatic experiences that can last even beyond the time period that the mushrooms are active in an addicted individual’s system. Certain drugs can also amplify the effects of mushrooms, such as MAOIs—monoamine oxidase inhibitors commonly used medically as anti-depressants or smoking cessation drugs—because they reduce the body’s ability to process psilocybin and psilocin. These effects will not cause an overdose, but can increase the risk of “bad trips” since the psychedelic experience from mushrooms will have longer duration and greater intensity.

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