Non-AA Rehabs for All Religious Backgrounds and Cultures

Non-AA Rehabs for All Religious Backgrounds and Cultures

Many people seeking drug or alcohol treatment find themselves looking for a rehab center where they will be able to feel comfortable and accepted.  Often, individuals feel uncomfortable with AA and 12-step programs heavily Christian-based.  Luckily, many rehab centers have been created to fill this void and to treat people who are unwilling to subscribe to the disease concept of addiction and want something more than just the typical, conventional 12-step rehab center.

Several non-12-step and holistic treatment centers offer unconventional treatment practices that incorporate and respect all cultures, religions, and backgrounds.  These kinds of treatment facilities, such as Passages Malibu and Passages Ventura, often focus on a combination of individual therapy, cultural understanding, group therapy, spirituality, tradition, and healing.   They also incorporate natural or holistic medicinal healing practices and spiritual counseling to involve any cultural background or religion.  At Passages, we consider ourselves to be one of these treatment centers heavily influenced by many different cultural practices.  We incorporate all forms of spirituality and cultural backgrounds into our program and design a treatment plan customized for each individual’s particular needs.  If you are searching for this type of treatment center, contact Passages today.

How to Contact Passages Addiction Treatment Centers:

Call Passages Addiction Treatment Centers today if you or a loved one is battling an addiction to drugs and alcohol. Our admissions department is available 24/7 and can be reached directly by calling our toll-free number (888) 397-0112. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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