Yoga, Relaxation, and Drug Treatment

Over the last century, modern science has made many important advances in the field of drug and alcohol treatment.  However, some of the most beneficial and most important treatment modalities are still the ones that come from ideas and practices that are many thousands of years old.  At holistic, non 12-step treatment centers, these modalities are utilized in combination with many other scientific treatment methods.  At Passages Malibu, we combine cutting edge science along with traditional, holistic healing practices such as yoga.

There are numerous ways that yoga can help enhance the rehabilitation process, such as enhancing overall physical health.  When an individual checks into a treatment facility, chances are that their health is not great due to drug and alcohol abuse.  Yoga is great exercise, and it is a vital part of any treatment plan.  Yoga also can enhance focus and functions as a method of relaxation or escape.  While in rehab, many individuals are worried about their families, careers, and things going on in the “outside world.”  Yoga helps provide a sense of focus and rejuvenation to overcome these distractions.  In addition to yoga, many treatment centers also incorporate meditation as a part of their program.   Meditation is similar to yoga, and often helps clients achieve greater concentration and inner balance.  At Passages Malibu, we believe that yoga and meditation are crucial components of an effective holistic treatment program.  People from many cultures have used yoga and meditation to treat various ailments for thousands of years, and we do not see addiction recovery as any different.

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