Passages Malibu Reflects on the Importance of Gratitude

Passages Malibu Reflects on Gratitude

“Thanksgiving reminds us of our commitment to helping people at Passages,” said Pax Prentiss, CEO of Passages Addiction Treatment Centers. “We’re dedicated to assisting our clients to heal their underlying conditions so that they can stay sober and return to leading successful lives. I truly feel honored to work with each and every individual who comes through our doors.”

This Thursday marks the passage of another Thanksgiving holiday in the US and an opportunity to take note of the year mostly gone by. For many, Thanksgiving is a welcome time that brings the start of the holiday season, but can also usher in additional personal pressure. People who are sober, but have not healed their underlying problems, may find it difficult to stay sober during the holidays. The holidays can be a happy time, but for many it can be emotional as well.

Travel often comes along with the Thanksgiving holiday as well, so Passages Malibu emphasizes the importance of staying safe while either driving or flying long distances.

With many people resorting to alcohol at family events, those who have elected to stay sober often need support to remain committed to their choice to stay sober. Passages Malibu recommends bringing a sober companion who is sensitive to your priorities or taking time before family gatherings to practice saying “No, thank you” can offer the extra strength necessary to continue your sober commitment.

Regardless of the nature of your Thanksgiving tradition, the spirit of gratitude that the occasion offers is one of the most important things to remember. Cultivating a sense of gratitude has positive impacts in all aspects of life, can strengthen relationships, improve health, reduce stress, and helps make people happier & more resilient.

Happy Thanksgiving from the entire staff at Passages Addiction Treatment Centers!

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