What to Know About Plastic Surgery Addiction

What to Know About Plastic Surgery Addiction

Plastic surgery addiction is a term that is fairly new in the treatment world’s vocabulary.  Plastic surgery has only been around for a small number of decades. The number of people getting cosmetic procedures has rapidly spiked in the short amount of time it has been available.  Many people, especially people with mental issues such as depression or personality disorders and people with substance abuse issues, become obsessed with plastic surgery.

Surgeons are recently trying to weed out the increasing number of patients who may have body dysmorphic disorder or other addiction issues. Still, sometimes it can be not easy to tell. The prevalent availability and increasing social acceptability of cosmetic surgery have fueled many individuals’ desire to get more and more.  Many addicted to plastic surgery actually describe that they get a “buzz” or a “high” feeling whenever they get a new procedure, primarily because they are fixated with perfecting the appearance of a particular part of their body. Other people develop a dependency on others’ support and reactions they appear to get after each cosmetic surgery procedure. Cosmetic surgery is very addictive and habit-forming for certain individuals, as they feel a sense of psychological well-being after one procedure, which fuels the notion that they would feel even better after more procedures.

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