20 Fun Sober Date Ideas

20 Fun Sober Date Ideas

By Jennifer McDougall

Are you and your sweetheart looking for something fun to do, and would prefer not to be in an alcohol or drug infused environment? Well, that’s simple. Here are 20 ideas for the two of you love birds to enjoy some precious time together.

1. Take a hike

Get outside and enjoy the great outdoors together. Hiking is a wonderful form of exercise that the two of you can enjoy together and take photos along the way. Just don’t forget to bring a bottle of water with you!

2. Grab a cup of coffee together 

Find a unique little coffee shop nearby to sit down at, and enjoy a nice cup of coffee together. This is a good way to talk about what is on your mind and share a few good laughs.

3.  Lunch or Dinner Date

Who doesn’t love to eat? Go grab a bite somewhere neither of you have ever been before. This will be a fun experience for both of you and when you think about the place again you will think of each other, and remember the great time you shared, hopefully. Visit Eater to see all the best places to check out near you.

 4. Be tourists for a day 

Who cares if you’ve lived in the same city for the past 5 years; you probably have not explored everything the city has to offer! This is the time to go roam around and check out some of the places on your list you’ve been wanting to visit, but “haven’t had the time.” Visit Things To Do to see what there is to see and do in your city.

5. Go bowling 

You may be surprised to see how much better your game is without blurred vision and feeling off-balanced. There’s a much less chance you’ll slip and fall on the alley too. #ThanksSobriety

6. Dance Lessons

Whether you are a beginner or a skilled dancer, check out your local dance studios for you and your honey to swing in some fun on the dance floor. Don’t be shy! Get out there.

7. Ice Skating

Many cities have an indoor ice skating rink where you and your sweetheart can go ice skating all year round.

8. Go out for brunch

Switch things up and take your loved one out to a nice brunch. Get dressed up and take photos of one another while you dive into your favorite breakfast or lunch item.

9. Take a fitness class together

Break a sweat and shed some calories by getting involved in a fun fitness class. Look at available classes at the gym or local fitness studios. Groupon is a great place to find some local fitness deals.

10. Photography adventure

Plan a day for you and your sweetheart to get out visit a variety of fun and beautiful places in your city. Bring your camera and begin capturing priceless moments together.

11. Go for a boat ride

If you don’t have a boat of your own, visit a local marina and inquire information on renting a small boat for a couple hours. Get out on the open water and enjoy the tranquil scenery.

12. Improv show

Laugh the night away at a local improv show. These shows are usually inexpensive and a lot of fun.

13. Wander a bookstore

Go into a local bookstore and wander around. Browse through the store and pick out the books that spark your interest. Take about the different book titles, covers, and content with your loved one.

14. Visit a local fair or amusement park

Connect with your inner-child and ride some of  your favorite childhood rides.

15. Take a cooking class together

Those who cook together, stay together. Right? Well, maybe, but its certainly worth trying.

16. Take a mini vacation or road trip

Nothing like the feeling of freedom out on the open road. Enjoy some time away from your day to day routine and explore new places and new horizons with the one you love. Don’t forget the music and of course your camera too.

17. Have a nature picnic

Plan a nice little picnic lunch out in the fresh air. Go to a local park, beach, or even your backyard.

18. Get out the old board games

Who doesn’t love a game of Monopoly, or Life? How about Guess Who? There are so many fun board games we might have forgotten about over the years. Maybe its time to break them out and have a game night.

19. Spa day

Spa days are not just for women. Men deserve a spa day from time to time too. Call up a local day spa and reserve a spot for 2, where you and your boo can relax, de-stress, and recharge.

20. Stargaze

Grab a blanket and head outside when the sky is perfectly dark and the stars twinkle bright. Watch for shooting stars and  point out the Big Dipper. Men: don’t forget to bring an extra jacket for your lady in case its chilly outside!

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