The Rise of Molly and Other Drugs at Trendy Music Festivals 

By Jennifer McDougall

Every year thousands of people gather together at music festivals such as, Ultra, which is held in Miami, Florida and large cities all over the world.  There’s also the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, Nevada, Coachella in Indio, California, The Electric Zoo in New York City, and TommorowWorld held in Atlanta, Georgia.

These music festivals are a lot of fun, but there are serious dangers that many people may not realize.

Approximately one hundred sixty five thousand people from all over the world came out to Miami’s Bayfront Park for Ultra’s three day music festival in March 2014. They came to dance in wild neon outfits, embrace the world’s electronic music industry, which is typically high energy, as you can see from the video above. It’s all about the having a good time- and the love, love, love.

But that’s just the thing; a large percentage of these attendees are high on something, the most popular accessory is “Molly”. You may have already heard about Molly, but if you are a parent, and unaware of today’s drug culture this may be the first time hearing about it or you may know its similar form, ecstasy.

Molly is the term used for the “pure” form of MDMA. Ecstasy is a mixture of ketamine, amphetamine and MDMA (methylenedioxymethamphetamine). As raves have gained popularity, the use, and distribution of Molly has as well. Molly has energizing, and psychedelic effects on the body. About thirty to forty-five minutes after taking Molly, the body begins to feel loose. A person under the influence of this drug feels the desire to move around, dance, feel close to others in the room, and quite frankly there are reasons why it has been known as “the love drug”.

When Molly begins to take effect, the body releases hormones, and large amounts of serotonin into the body which also increases the heart rate. Besides the major risk of overdosing a person can die from exhaustion and dehydration. And many people who use Molly mix it with other substances, increasing the risk of an overdose and even death.

Most music festivals are three day events that consist of a lot of partying, and a little amount of sleep. The large amounts of drug use at these festivals are causing a lot of concern for city officials in almost every city these events are being held in. After this year’s Ultra Music Festival in Miami, there was talk about putting a stop to the event in the coming years to avoid the chaos and the many dangers drug use at these events bring with it.

If you or someone you know is planning to go to an upcoming music festival, remind them to take caution, and be alert at all times. A person can turn their head for even a brief second to be rudely awakened thirty minutes later with the effects of MDMA and/or other substances creeping through their veins because someone slipped something in their drink, which may have only been a cup of water or soda.

Help spread the word about the dangers of Molly, and other drug use at this summer’s music festivals and you may help save a life.

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