Treatment Team Approach at Passages Malibu

We are the world’s most innovative and effective residential drug and alcohol treatment program, partly due to our treatment teach approach.  Unlike other treatment centers, Passages is not 12-step based and rather focuses on a more individually tailored, holistic method of treatment.  We believe that addiction is not a disease, but rather that it is a symptom resulting from other problematic issues. The abuse of and eventual dependency on drugs and alcohol is merely a mechanism to cope with physical, mental, or emotional pain.  We believe that completely healing addiction is possible, and in order to do this, you must find the underlying causes of your behaviors.  Each of our clients receive an individually tailored treatment team of 10 therapists.

Whether you are dealing with depression, anxiety, an undiagnosed physical ailment, childhood trauma, abuse, family problems, a chemical imbalance, or one of the many other underlying causes of addiction. Our treatment program of mainly one-on-one therapy will help you uncover what is driving you to use drugs and alcohol.  At the end of each week, your treatment teams hold a meeting to discuss your progress and pool their insights and resources together.  They do this in order to make sure you are getting the most comprehensive, diverse treatment possible, allowing them to alter your program each week and to progress as you progress. At Passages, we truly believe in healing all of you, from the inside out:  you will receive primarily individual therapy sessions with a dynamic rotation of enriching groups mixed in, with a treatment team that is fully committed to your recovery.

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